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Tavon Taylor

Tavon Taylor

Image #7, The Clouds Whispered Your Name, 2019


8½ x 11" Archival pigment print 
6½ x 9" Image size

Edition of 22


Each print includes a certificate of authenticity, numbered and hand-signed by the artist.

  • About the Image

    "This self portrait is from my project, 'The Clouds Whispered Your Name'. During the creation of this project, I wanted to make images where I could just exist. In these images, I found freedom in my queerness and blackness. Being away from home, I wanted to create a space where I felt safe and connected, so I turned to the beauty of landscape. In this photograph, in particular, I only recognized the bliss much after the image was taken. The way I was embraced in the space, the way the flowers sat gracefully across my head, and the shadows of the plants shielding my skin - as each flower is so carefully placed, I find myself questioning if there’s a realm beyond this one." - Tavon Taylor

  • Artist Bio

    Tavon Taylor is a photography-based artist from Washington, DC. He uses visual narrative as a representation of his lived experience as a queer black adult. He has been awarded The John Chervinsky Emerging Photographer Scholarship. His work has been shown at The Griffin Museum of Photography in Boston, Massachusetts.


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