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Jonathan Mark Jackson

Jonathan Mark Jackson

Sea, House, 2020


8½ x 11" Archival pigment print 
6½ x 8" Image size

Edition of 22


Each print includes a certificate of authenticity, numbered and hand-signed by the artist.

  • About the Image

    Sea House, 2020 is a double exposure made from an exercise of moving in between a house and the coast of the Atlantic. The proximity of everything in New England to big water interests me. I wanted think of the home as an elemental material, just like water. The home pictured is Robbins’ House in Concord, MA. It is the preserved structure of a Black revolutionary war veteran, Caesar Robbins, built in 1823.

  • Artist Bio

    Jonathan Mark Jackson (b. 1996) received a Bachelor’s of Art degree within the Art & The History of Art department at Amherst College. He is currently pursuing his MFA at the Rhode Island School of Design. Jackson’s work seeks to engage with historical facts through objects, landscape, and the human form. Through the combination of photographs and language, Jackson calls attention to the mysterious forces that cloud, torment, and stall the formation of a Black American identity.

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