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Carl Bower

Carl Bower

Justain, 2019


8½ x 11" Archival pigment print 
6½ x 8¼" Image size

Edition of 22


Each print includes a certificate of authenticity, numbered and hand-signed by the artist.

  • About the Image

    "I am a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. I have had an issue with self injury since combat and my divorce. I don’t know if my fear is that I’m afraid to love anyone again, or if I don’t know how to live without the pain." -Justain

  • Artist Bio

    Carl Bower is a photographer exploring intimate portrayals of private experience, through both documentary work and portraiture. Frequent themes include perceptions of beauty, coping with adversity, personal identity within prevailing social structures, and the relationship between trauma, shame, and isolation. A finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, his work has been exhibited at the Georgia Museum of Art, the Phoenix Art Museum, Blue Sky Gallery, and the Annenberg Space for Photography.

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