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Jennifer Greenburg

Jennifer Greenburg is a contemporary artist who works with photographic imagery. She holds an MFA from The University of Chicago and a BFA from the School of the Art Institute. Solo shows of her work have been held at The Print Center, Philadelphia, and The Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago. Greenburg’s work has been part of numerous international group shows including The Museum of Contemporary Photography at 40. She was an artist in residence at Light Work, Syracuse, and is a recipient of two Illinois Arts Council Grants. Her work is part of the permanent collection of The Museum of Fine Art Houston, The Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson, The Museum of Contemporary Photography, The Museum of Photographic Arts, Light Work, The Santa Barbara Museum of Art, The Eskenazi Museum of Art, and the National Gallery of Ontario.

Artist Statement

Doing Real Hot Grrl Sh*t
I am best known for Revising History, a body of work in which I transform myself into the central female in found-vernacular photographs in order to identify the limited roles women serve in visual representation. I intend the work to engage the audience in a conversation about how historical depictions of women, rife with aesthetically pleasing glamour, are used to help us idealize the American past.  My work draws a parallel with the current culture of discrimination female-identifying people still experience today.  However,  the absurd irony is that I have to participate in those same, constant, beauty rituals in order to make my work.  Dieting, waist training, coiffuring, and other grooming practices like maintaining my nails in Jungle Red have become part of my everyday life. These images are from a series I have made dramatizing the labor and effort required to conform to society’s expectations for attractiveness.


This is how you take off acrylics, 2020

Release Date: August 6, 2021

“Is that what you are supposed to use that for?” my husband asked in horror.  
“Yes, dear.  This is how you take off your acrylics.” I replied
And off they went.  
Afterward, I poured straight acetone into a bowl and soaked each hand until my cuticles were raw.  
This is how you take off your acrylics.  
Hopefully,  I can get them redone soon. 

Release Date: February 18, 2022

The things I put into my eye, 2021

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