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f22 is an online and pop-up gallery featuring affordable limited-edition fine art prints by contemporary photographers.



Available Through December 14

Debe Arlook

Foreseeable Cache, no. 34, 2021

8½ x 11" Archival Pigment Print

Edition of 22

About the Image

Driving south on U.S. Route 191, I exited Arches National Park in awe of the sacred tribal land and its geological formations. With the landscape changing quickly and drastically, I began photographing. I experimented by combining double exposure and the motion technique I use for my road trip project, Edge of An American Dream. This was the beginning of foreseeable cache.

no.34 is an inverted photo-based image centered in a green, provocative space that invites viewers to enter its realm. Surrounded by pale blue mounds of hardened sandstone and coffee-toned flora, the darkly clouded sky and translucent column suggest a time and place one can only see in a pure or transcendent state of mind.

web_Debe Arlook_Headshot.jpg

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