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Shun Tsuiki

Shun Tsuiki is a Creative Director and Visual Artist based in Tokyo, Japan. He has organized and directed over 500 photo shoots in Japan and other Asian countries for PIXTA, the largest stock photo platform in Japan. In parallel, he has been a full-fledged artist since 2020. His current main style is "self-portrait".

Artist Statement

This is part of a series of works titled "1LDK" created between 2020 and 2022. All are self-portraits taken in the artist's own room.
When Covid started, our behavior had changed. The small space in my corner of Tokyo, which until then existed only for eating and sleeping, became a "room" where countless emotions were accumulated. Then I realized that there were people all over the world who felt the same way. From then on, I abandoned my previous style of street photography, stopped looking for subjects and decisive moments, and began to think about "creating" subjects.

I imposed on myself the restriction of "shooting only in this room," and wanted to deliver my work to people who were accumulating emotions in the room. Through my photographs, I had a strong will to give people empathy, not surprise. I now feel that this empathy has a strong affinity with the flat still life of photography, and that photography can further expand the imagination that people have.

Release Date: June 9,2023

The photo was taken only during the short period of time between sunset and the change to night. This is the time of day when light sources are at their most brilliant and natural light captures the contours of the subject. It is the time when people's "mode" changes from "on" to "off," and I believe this is the time of day when people's emotions are most varied.

The Warmth There, 2021

Release Date: October 13,2023

Humidity, 2021

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